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Tea & Chinese Pastry (手工潮州綠豆餅) Gift Set

Tea & Chinese Pastry (手工潮州綠豆餅) Gift Set

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Tea & Green Bean Pastry Gift Set

A gift set curated for you to share and enjoy with your loved ones over the Mid-autumn festival. 

Inside the box;

Golden Osmanthus | Oolong tea (40g Tin)

   黃金桂 | 青茶

- Keemun - House blend | Black tea (40g Tin) 

   祁門 - 祁韻 | 紅茶

- Traditional Green Bean Pastry (4 pc)


Green bean pastry, or 綠豆餅, is a traditional Chinese Chiu Chow snack that brings back childhood memories. Its flaky crust and soft, sweet green bean filling make it a perfect snack to serve with tea. Together with the highly fragrant Golden Osmanthus or Keemun, this is bound to bring a joyful evening with your family and friends. 

Shipping & Delivery: This gift set will be available for delivery from 1 September 2023 onwards. 

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