Our story

Tea has many facets. Sometimes, it’s light and refreshing; other times, it is grounding and warming. Sometimes it’s delicate and needs to be pampered; other times, it is fiery and needs to be tamed.

We fell in love with how diverse and encompassing tea is - a medium for us to express our creativity and explore how we would like to enjoy it. Relaxation, spirituality, tradition and pleasure... tea isn’t just a drink! Many of us enjoy the brew for many different reasons.

We invite you to explore the world of tea, and maybe, you’ll fall in love with it too!

Our teas

and our way of life, if you may

Beautifully crafted

We are in awe of our tea masters.

Their wealth of knowledge and skills can only be accumulated over years of hard work, patience and dedication. Truly, a labour of love.

Curated with care

We are keen to share our love of tea with you.

The hue, shape, fragrance, and flavour of the leaves and liquor... the beauty and elegance of tea never cease to amaze us!

Elegantly simple

Enjoying tea should be easy and delightful.

Through diving into the craft of tea and understanding the building blocks within, tea and tea brewing become elegantly simple.

Sustainability at heart

Tea is a gift of nature, and it's only natural that we give back to what made it possible - our environment and community. We keep single-use products to a minimum and opt for more sustainable options for our packaging.

This is also why we offer our teas loose, not confined in tea bags. Besides, they taste much better this way!

Our Founder - Mary Wong

Certified Tea Taster 評茶師

Certified Tea Connoisseur 茶藝師

Member of the Tea Science Society of Hong Kong 香港茶葉學會


"For me, Tea has always been something familiar, yet distant. We drink it every day but know so little about its journeys and the stories behind.

This curiosity led me down a range of tangents - the vast flavour profiles of tea, the art it inspired and the deep knowledge and craft that goes into creating a good cup of tea.

Before I knew it, it's been years since my first tea class in 2015.

Through the search for tea, it helped me explore the world, and whilst at it, myself.

This is why I founded Bloom & Brew, to share with others what this delightful brew has to offer."

Join us, and explore the world of tea.