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Iron Bodhisattva (Tie Guan Yin)

Iron Bodhisattva (Tie Guan Yin)

Mellow | Blue

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As the favourite in Southeast Asia, Tie Guan Yin comes in many variations. But one thing in common is that thick, golden liquor of goodness. This Tie Guan Yin boasts a medley of orchid, osmanthus, peach and a lingering sweet aftertaste.
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  • Several short steeps

    Embark on a tea journey and savour the changes brew by brew. Usually with a Gaiwan or Chinese teapot.


    Bloom before brewing

    5 g / 100 ml

  • A long steep

    A hearty brew expressing all it's got in one go. Usually at a larger volume like a mug, teapot or infuser.


    5 g / 250 ml

    4 mins

These are just references. Feel free to play around and explore your favourite brew.