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Tea & Sake Harmony

Tea & Sake Harmony

Have you ever wondered what happens when you pair sake with Chinese tea?

Sake is categorized into four types, each with its unique characteristics - Aromatic (薰), Light & Smooth (爽), Full-bodied (醇), and Matured (熟).

Tea, typically classified by its production method, can also be categorized by its distinct traits - Umami (鮮), Aromatic (香), Light & Crisp (爽), Full-bodied (醇), and Aged (陳).

In this experience, we'll delve into the complexity of the various flavours, aromas, and textures these two beverages offer. Throughout the 4 pairings, we will be experimenting with complementary and contrasting aromas and textures, as well as varying temperatures and intensities, which creates a symphony of tastes that enhance each other, resulting in pure gastronomic delight.

- Event details -

Duration: 90 mins

When: 13 & 14 Apr, 2 sessions per day

Afternoon: 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Night: 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Language: Cantonese

Where: Bloom & Brew, Rm 202, Chuk On Building, Sheung Wan

How much: HKD 480 / pax

Join us on this sensory adventure.

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Your host

Mary Wong

Bronze medalist - First Jing-Jin-Ji Song Diancha Competition 2023

Instructor at Tea Science Society of Hong Kong

National Tea Taster - Level 4

National Tea Craftsman - Level 4

National Tea Connoisseur - Level 4

Founder of Bloom & Brew

Key things to note

  • This experience is non-refundable and non-exchangeable, so please consider your availability before booking. No-shows will not be refunded.
  • This experience will take place as scheduled and will not be extended due to late attendance.
  • If you cannot make it due to an emergency, please contact us at 92968587. We cannot guarantee rescheduling for all circumstances.
  • The experience will be cancelled if there is a Black Rainstorm or T8 and you will be notified to reschedule your experience.