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The Orb - Red Clay

The Orb - Red Clay


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Finely balanced perfection.

Symmetrical at all angles, the spherical capsule creates a space for the tea leaves and water to infuse in harmony. The red clay breathes in the oil and aroma of the tea and grows stronger with every steeping - a staple for all tea lovers.


Red clay    100ml     1980s

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  • Before use

    Season the pot to lighten the earthy scent

    We have already seasoned your pot for you, but just in case you prefer a more thorough cleanse, heres how.


    Line a white cloth in a pan. Fill it with fresh water. Gently place your clay teapot inside (lid and teapot separetely) and boil your for 30 mins.

  • On going care

    The clay will breathe in the oil and aroma of the tea and grow stronger with every steeping. That said, it's best not to leave your tea to steep overnight as it probes the growth of bacteria.


    After use, clear the tea leaves, and fill the pot with boiling water. Rest the pot for 10 secs then discard the water, and leave to dry with the lid off.

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