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Uncovering Phoenix Dancong - Gift Set

Uncovering Phoenix Dancong - Gift Set

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Within the Blue tea (Oolong) family, there are 4 branches: Minnan 閩南 (Southern Fujian), Minbei 閩北 (Norther Fujian), Guangdong 廣東, and Taiwan 台灣.

Phoenix Dancong is the Guangdong representative of the Blue tea clan. Grown in Phoenix Mountain in Chaozhou, the Dancong family is crowned as “drinkable perfume” due to their alluring fragrances that are naturally within the tea leaves. Flora, sweet, and fruit are common bases.

Spices and herbaceous medicinal aroma can also be found. 10 fragrances particularly stand out 十大名香.

To begin your journey in this botanical garden, we have curated 3 of the 10 famous fragrances, and one that is highly sought after.

In the set:

Gardenia (40g)

Honeysuckle (40g)

Honey Orchid (40g)

Almond (40g)

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