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Blanc - Yunnan Gushu

Blanc - Yunnan Gushu

Refreshing | White

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Blanc. Named not only after those silvery buds but also the purity and elegance of the pomelo blossom it possesses. Harvested in the wilderness of Yunnan province, tender care was taken to pamper that unique floral character. Truly, a labour of love.
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  • Several short steeps

    Embark on a tea journey and savour the changes brew by brew. Usually with a Gaiwan or Chinese teapot.


    Brew away without blooming

    3 g / 100 ml

  • A long steep

    A hearty brew expressing all it's got in one go. Usually at a larger volume like a mug, teapot or infuser.


    3 g / 250 ml

    3 mins

These are just references. Feel free to play around and explore your favourite brew.