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Winter - Gift set

Winter - Gift set

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The days feel very short, and the darkness of night is arriving so soon. It’s a time of slowing down and going inward, in order to preserve energy and seek warmth. Warming foods and drinks that offer deep nourishment overall are best to focus on while stepping back from the many overly cold foods not as appropriate this time of year.

In Chinese medicine, Toasted Oolongs, Red tea, Puerh and aged White tea are considered warming, and nourishing for our spleen and guts, perfect for winter.

In the set:

Keemun - House Blend (40g)

A gentle blend of rosy flora, with a sweet undertone of sweet potato and a hint of honey. A blend that is bound to delight.

Sau mei 2018 (40g)

A liquor of honey, dried apricot and medicinal goodness with wood notes. The liquor will continue to deepen as time passes to reveal soothing notes of red dates.

River Town Raw Puerh 2005 (40g)

Currently, in its late teens, it is mellow, medium-bodied with pine, sun-baked fragrance and a lingering sweet aftertaste.


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